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Winter 2016 issue...

Original manuscripts of all the articles from the issue, in the Italian language.

I manoscritti originali di ogni articolo del numero, in lingua italiana.


Winter 2009 issue...

Complete List of Wax Engravings and Related Artistic Watermarks in Chiaroscuro by
Annarita Librari.


Summer 2009 issue...

“Marilyn Sward: Speaking in Paper” exhibition catalog essays by
Audrey Niffenegger, Jeff Abell, and Tom Bannister.

Marilyn Sward memorial reprints from 
Haystack Gateway
CCCCBPA mailing list
 (Jeff Abbell), and 
Hand Papermaking Newsletter
 (Sue Gosin).

Genevieve Wood interviews: 
Catherine Cox and E.V. Day
Sue Gosin and Paul Wong
Ruth Lingen and Rachel Gladfelter
Akiko Tamura and Takashi Miki
Edited excerpts of these interviews (which are reproduced here in their original versions) appear in the article ON Chemistry in Paper: Professional Paper Collaborators Discuss Their Profession.


Summer 2008 issue...

Papermaking Studio Access Guide
compiled by Mina Takahashi

Communities for Paper Artists
compiled by Jill Littlewood


Summer 2007 issue...

Washi into the Twenty-First Century
Japanese text by Ibe Kyoko

The Character of Washi Lies in its Varied Uses
Japanese text by Kume Yasuo

The Unique Functions of Washi in Japanese Daily Life
Reference Literature by Lauren Pearlman Sugita


Winter 2006 issue...

Asian Paper in Works of Art: 
A Comprehensive Fiber Analysis

Reference Literature


Winter 2005 issue...

Paperiana, Intended and Otherwise:
A Survey of Handmade Paper Collections

The Questionnaire