Papermaking Studio Access Guide:
A List and Detailed Table

compiled by Mina Takahashi
for the Summer 2008 issue of Hand Papermaking magazine

This list of papermaking studios is organized by geographical location, then by country, generally in alphabetical order. For the United States, we broke down the list regionally, then in zip code order.

For each entry in the table, we note full contact information, URL, studio description, and a breakdown of services. Abbreviated column headings include: “rent” (they rent out their studio to artists); “tech” (they offer technical assistance in the studio); “provide/help find accomod” (they either offer housing or can help you book a room nearby); “res” (they offer artist residencies during which artist either receives a fee or does not pay a fee); “wkshop” (workshops and classes); “intern” (internships); “wkexch” (exchange labor for access to studio); “pulp” (pulp preparation); “consult” (private consultations with artists); and other services as described.

Hand Papermaking wishes to thank Helen Hiebert and IAPMA for their assistance in developing this list.

Hand Papermaking intends to keep this guide current. Please report to mina(at) any bad links or proposed additions for the list.



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