This information is reprinted from the For Beginners column of Hand Papermaking Newsletter #47 (July, 1999).

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Beginner or expert, all papermakers rely on those who came before us to light the way. While hands-on experience is indispensable, books convey our predecessor’s insights and the knowledge required to make our papermaking activities efficient, productive, and meaningful. A bookseller friend of mine says it this way: “A good how-to book is like a patient, resident instructor: it is just an arm’s reach away and always available to solve a technical problem or to help learn a new technique.”

Locating a book to purchase can be either a simple task, or a time-consuming investigation. A good place to start is your favorite papermaking or book arts supplier (see advertisements in the back of this newsletter). Your local bookseller can also order books and conduct searches. Beginner books are often on the shelves at public libraries.
This list does not include limited editions. Books that may be hard to find or out-of-print are marked with an asterisk. For each book we list information on the most recent edition we are aware of. All books are paperback unless otherwise noted. For books available in both hardcover and paperback, we list the information for the paperback edition. If you notice an error or omission, please contact us. We will print corrections and additions in future issues of this newsletter.

Alexander, Harold H. and Marjorie A. Handcrafted Paper and Paper Products made from Indigenous Plant Fibers (1997, Maralex Studios), 127pp, $25.00

*Barrett, Timothy. Japanese Papermaking: Traditions, Tools, and Techniques (1992, Weatherhill, Inc.) 328pp, $29.95

Bell, Lilian A. Papyrus, Tapa, Amate & Rice Paper: Papermaking in Africa, the Pacific, Latin America & Southeast Asia (1992, Liliaceae Press), 146pp, $24.00

Bell, Lilian A. Plant Fibers for Papermaking (1995, Liliaceae Press), 132 pp, $21.00

Blake, Kathy and Bill Milne. Making & Decorating Your Own Paper : Innovative Techniques & Original Projects (1995, Sterling Publications), $14.95

Cave, Roderick. Chinese Paper Offerings (1998, Oxford University Press, Hong Kong), 74pp, hardcover, HK$85.00

Clark, James d'A. Pulp Technology and Treatment for Paper, 878pp, hardcover, $110.00

Cobb, Vicki. Vicki Cobb's Papermaking Book & Kit (1993, HarperCollins Children's Books), 32pp, hardcover, $16.95

Copp, Gerry. Paper Into Pots & Other Fun Objects, 48pp, $11.95

*Cote, Wilfred A., editor. Papermaking Fibers: A Photomicrographic Atlas (1980, Syracuse University Press), 200pp, $17.50

Cunning, Sheril. Handmade Paper: A Practical Guide to Oriental and Western Techniques, 109pp, $25.00

Dawson, Sophie. Reprint of The Art & Craft of Papermaking: Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Distinctive Handmade Paper (1997, Lark Books), 144pp, $18.95

Dawson, Sophie and Silvie Turner. A Hand Papermaker's Sourcebook (1995, Design Books and estamp), 112pp

Dean, Jenny. The Craft of Natural Dyeing (1994), 64pp, $16.95

Elliot, Marion. Paper Making: How to Create Original Effects with Paper, Including Watermarked, Embossed and Marbled Papers (1995), 96pp, $15.95

Farnsworth, Donald. A Guide to Japanese Papermaking: Making Japanese Paper in the Western World (Magnolia Editions), 60pp, $28.00

Farnsworth, Don. Momigami (Magnolia Editions), 60pp, $22.00

Eimert, Dorothea and Eva-Maria Hanebutt-Benz, essayists. Schöpfungen in Papier / Creations in Paper: Books and Images of John Gerard (1997, Mandragora Verlag), 79pp

Green, James. The Rittenhouse Mill & the Beginnings of Papermaking in America (1990, Library Company of Philadelphia), 32pp, $5.00

Grummer, Arnold. Arnold Grummer's Complete Guide to Easy Papermaking (1999, Krause Publications), 160pp, $21.95

Grummer, Arnold. Paper by Kids (1989, Dillon Press), 108pp, hardcover, $12.95

Grummer, Arnold E. Tin Can Papermaking: Recycle for Earth & Art (1992, Greg Markim Publishers), 80pp, $7.95

Heller, Jules. Papermaking: How to Make Handmade Paper for Printmaking, Drawing, Painting, Relief & Cast Forms, Book Arts, & Mixed Media (1997, Watson-Guptill Publications, Inc.), 216pp, $32.50

Hiebert, Helen. Papermaking with Plants: Creative Recipes and Projects Using Herbs, Flowers, Grasses and Leaves (1998, Storey Communications, Inc.), 108pp, hardcover, $24.95

*Hill, Richard L. Papermaking in Britain, 1488-1988: A Short History (1988, The Athlone Press), 249pp, $35.00

Hunter, Dard. Reprint of Papermaking in the Classroom, 1931, (1991, Oak Knoll Press), 88pp, hardcover, $30.00

Hunter, Dard. Reprint of Papermaking: The History and Technique of an Ancient Craft, 1947, (1978, Dover Publications, Inc.) 672pp, $13.95

Jackson, Paul. The Encyclopedia of Origami and Paper Craft Techniques, hardcover, $24.95

Koretsky, Elaine. A Gathering of Papermakers (1988, Carriage House Press), 83pp, $27.50

*Koretsky, Elaine. Color for the Hand Papermaker (1990, Carriage House Press), 46pp, $18.00

Koretsky, Elaine; Koretsky, Donna. The Goldbeaters of Mandalay: An Account of Hand Papermaking in Burma Today (1991, Carriage House Press), 120pp, hardcover, $60.00

*Kropper, Jean G. Papermaking: From Recycling to Art (1995, Seven Hills Book Distributors), 64pp, $14.95

McDonald, Lee, editor. Beater Builders of North America 1946-1989 (1990, The Friends of Dard Hunter), 42pp, $25.00

Pinder, Polly. Scented Herb Papers (1995), 64pp, $14.95

Plowman, John. The Craft of Handmade Paper: A Practical Guide to Papermaking Techniques (1997, Knickerbocker Press), hardcover, $24.95

Premchand, Neeta. Off the Deckle Edge: A Papermaking Journey Through India (1995, The Ankur Project), 128pp, hardcover, $49.95

Queen, Brian. Papermaking, Experiments with Flax Fibre (1995, Castle Paper & Press)
Richardson, Maureen. Plant Papers, $8.50

Richardson, Maureen. Vegetable Papyrus, $8.50

Rudin, Bo. Making Paper: A Look into the History of an Ancient Craft (1990, Rudins [Sweden]), 278pp, 350 Kroner

Rumford, James. The Cloudmakers (1996), 29pp, hardcover, $15.95

Saddington, Marianne. Making Your Own Papers: An Introduction to Creative Papermaking (1992, New Holland Publishers), 92pp, $18.95

Sandstrom, Alan R. and Pamela E. Traditional Papermaking & Paper Cult Figures of Mexico (1986, University of Oklahoma Press), 336pp, hardcover, $29.95

Shannon, Faith. Reprint of The Art and Craft of Paper (formerly Paper Pleasures, 1994, Weidenfeld & Nicolson), 168pp, $18.95

Silver, Lynette. Papercraft: Papermaking and Papier-Mache (1995, Sally Millner Publishing [Australia] and Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. [USA])

Smith, Gloria Zmolek. Teaching Hand Papermaking: A Classroom Guide (1995, Zpaperpress), 192pp, hardcover, $24.95

Soteriou, Alexandra. Gift of Conquerors: Hand Paper-making in India (1999, Mapin [India]), 246pp, hardcover, $125.00

Stearns, Lynn. Papermaking for Basketry & Other Crafts (1992, Lark Books), 160pp, $18.95

Stevenson, Cheryl. The Art of Handmade Paper and Collage: Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary (1998, Martingale & Co Inc.), 96pp, $27.95

Sward, Marilyn and Catharine Reeve. The New Photography (1986, Da Capo Press), 242pp, $16.95

Thackeray, Beata. Paper: Making, Decorating, Designing (1998), 160pp, $24.95
Toale, Bernard. The Art of Papermaking (1983, Davis Publications, Inc.), 136pp, hardcover, $19.95

Tschudin, Peter, editor. Tian Gong Kai Wu, Creations of Nature and Human Labor: Papermaking, a chapter from the 1637 Encyclopedia of Handicraft Techniques (1995, The Sandoz Corporation (UK)

Turner, Silvie. Book of Fine Paper (1998, Thames and Hudson), 240pp, hardcover, $60.00

Turner, Silvie. Which Paper? (1991, Design Press), 144pp, hardcover, $26.95

*Turner, Silvie and Birgit Skiöld. Handmade Paper Today: A worldwide survey of mills, papers, techniques and uses (1983, Lund Humphries)

Valentine, Malcolm. How to Make Your Own Recycled Paper, 32 pp, $4.95

Watson, David. Creative Handmade Paper: How to Make Paper from Recycled and Natural Materials (1991), 80pp, $16.95

Watt, Alexander. The Art of Papermaking, 1890 (1983, Albert Saifer Publisher), 240pp, $35.00

Wilkinson, Beth. Papermaking for Kids: Simple Steps to Handcrafted Paper (1997, Demco Media), hardcover, $16.15

Worrell, Nancy. Paper Plus : Unique Projects Using Handmade Paper (1997, Chilton Book Co.), 128pp, $18.95